How does travel cover work on my pet insurance policy?

If you have the Travel option included in your policy, this section can help with some of the costs that can occur when travelling abroad with your pet. For example, if they fall ill or go missing while you are away.

The Travel cover is an optional add-on for our Regular, MoneyBack, Fixed for Life and Pre-Existing policies. It is included as standard on our Complete policy. 

(This cover is not available on our Value or Liability Only policies.)


The Travel section limits are as follows:

  • Regular = £1000
  • MoneyBack = £1000
  • Fixed for Life = £1000
  • Pre-Existing = £1000
  • Complete = £2500


The Travel section can cover:

  • Vet fees (within your Travel section limit)
  • Extra accommodation if you are delayed due to your pet
  • Increased cost of bringing your pet home
  • Non-refundable costs if you need to come home early due to your pet, or cancel within 14 days of travelling because your pet suffers a life-threatening injury or illness


The Travel section includes the following terms and conditions:

  • We cannot pay for more than a maximum of 14 days accommodation at a rate of £50 per night.
  • We allow up to 90 days abroad for your pet each policy year. We cannot pay for a claim that happens from the 91st day on-wards.
  • If your pet was showing signs of a possible change in health, you should have these checked by a vet before you leave.
  • We will not pay if you have not followed the current Government guidelines. Taking your pet dog, cat or ferret abroad - GOV.UK (


For full details on what each of our policies do (or don't) cover in terms of travel, you can find a list of our sample policy documents and summary here



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