How long will it take to assess a claim?

We aim to pay out on claims as quickly as possible so that you can concentrate on helping your loved one with their recovery.
Between July 2019 and January 2020, we paid out 97% of claims.
Our online claims process allows us to gather information from you and your vet faster than other insurers. You can also register your claim with us over the phone by calling 0333 130 4552 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday). You can learn more about how to register a claim here.
We will assess your claim as quickly as possible. If there are any delays, we will let you know what has happened and that we're working on it (for example, if we're still waiting to receive some of the information from your vet).
We will always keep you up to date by email or text message, but if you need more information you can track the progress of your claim by contacting our Claims team directly - they can be reached on the number above, or by emailing

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Claiming online

Claiming online is easy, log in to My Account, select the policy you would like to make a claim against and upload your invoices, we’ll do the rest.

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24/7 video consultations with a vet

24/7 video consultations with a vet

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