How do I prove the value of my pet if I need to make a claim?

In the sad event that your pet is lost, stolen or passes away, provided you have the appropriate cover, we can help with costs relating to the original value of your pet.

If you have recently purchased a puppy or kitten, please make sure you safely file your proof of purchase (such as a receipt or invoice). In the event of a claim, this information will be very useful in helping us assess it for you as quickly as possible.

If you didn’t pay anything for your pet, or you cannot prove how much you paid, we will pay you the market value of your pet.

Our Complete policy includes the Lost or Stolen and Passing Away cover as standard. These can also be selected as optional add-ons to the Regular and Pre-Existing policies. 

For more information on what each of the policies can cover in relation to Lost or Stolen and Passing Away cover, you can find a list of our sample policy documents and summary guide here.

Our policy summary document which you can find here also shows a table of the different sections of cover, so you can compare the different options side by side.

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Claiming online

Claiming online is easy, log in to My Account, select the policy you would like to make a claim against and upload your invoices, we’ll do the rest.

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