What happens if my claim is lower than my MoneyBack amount?

If you're on the MoneyBack policy, your pet will be covered for up to £7000 in vet fees each year. If you bought your policy after 02/12/2021 and included MoneyBack, this will appear as an option. Your vet fee limit would be determined by the product you purchased. 

This means that you can register any number of claims, as long as they don't exceed your limit. 

If you have a small claim, you can still register this if you want to. However, please bear in mind that any successful claim, no matter what size, will mean that you won't be eligible for your MoneyBack at the end of the policy year.

Please make sure that you follow your vet's advice regarding any treatment that your pet receives. Always get and follow advice from your vet on whether a treatment is needed.

Remember, can submit claims up to a year after the event - this means that by the time all the treatment has been carried out, you'll know all the costs involved before deciding to make the claim or not.

For more information on how your MoneyBack works, you can find details in our article here.

Submitting a claim for the first time? For help on how to register a claim, you can find out more in our guide to claims here.



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