What is liability cover?

If you're researching whether pet insurance is right for you and your dog, liability is an important factor to consider. We've written an article about why people might need pet insurance, including liability cover, here.

Liability cover is included on all of our policies for dogs. 

This section provides cover for any legal action that may be taken against you in relation to your dog. For example, if your dog causes an injury to someone or their property, they may sue you for damages. The costs relating to these situations can be substantial, which is why it’s important to have liability cover - this can help you with the expenses that could result.

If you have a policy with us and find yourself in a legal dispute like this, or even if you think you might come into a dispute, we need to know as soon as possible so that we can help. Please call our Claims team before taking any further action on 0333 130 4552.

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