How do you work with your insurance partners?

How do you work with your insurance partners?

We negotiate discounts directly with our insurance partners for our members.

To access these deals, you can join the group that is most appropriate for your needs and get a quote from there. We have groups for all sorts of different breeds, as well as groups for pets with existing medical conditionsolder dogs and exotic pets to name a few!

The more people who join ManyPets, the better bargaining power we have to negotiate exclusive discounts and to create fairer products for your individual needs!


Do you make money from your partners? 

If you decide to take up an offer with one of our insurance partners, they will pay us a fee. It will not impact your discount or your quote.

Because we are sending business their way, insurers are willing to pay us commission; and because we have large groups of people who want fairer policies, they can give you a discount. Everyone wins.

We've also created our own unique range of pet insurance policies based on feedback that we've received from our members. You can find out about our policy options, you can get a quote and more information here.

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Claiming online is easy, log in to My Account, select the policy you would like to make a claim against and upload your invoices, we’ll do the rest.

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24/7 video consultations with a vet

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