Does pet insurance cover Coronavirus?'

All of our policies (excluding Liability Only) will cover vet fees should your pet become unwell.

There is no evidence to suggest your pet can contract Covid-19, should the virus affect your pet your policy will support you. 

Vet practices have been instructed to work with skeleton crews, If you need to speak to a vet and your pet is not seriously ill we recommend you download the app

ManyPets customers have unlimited free access to FirstVet 24/7.

All our vet fee policies have some level of cover for emergency minding.

This can be used if you or a relative needs an unexpected stay in hospital to cover the cost of pet boarding, a cattery, kennel or pet sitting.

If you are travelling abroad, we would not be able to cover pet minding in an emergency as this is not part of our travel abroad cover.

Check your policy to see how much cover you have under the 'Cover if you need pet minding in an emergency' section.

You can see all our policy documents here.

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